Angela Doan – Graphic Design Portfolio


Kit Kat Minis Redesign Concept

by Angela Doan • Candice Ho • Maria Camila Lau

The objective of this project was to create and promote a graphic redesign and sustainable package concept for KitKat Minis’ 180 gram package for PAC – Packaging Consortium’s Graphic & Sustainable Student Design Competition. KitKat is known for it’s iconic slogan, “Have a break, have a KitKat.” Brand character, Pinny the Piñata, was introduced to further emphasize the break in KitKat and attract the young demographic. An expanded palette creates a pop of colour and fun branding. The new logo features a friendly looking custom typeface. A one-day event promoting the new potato starch packaging takes place downtown Toronto and features a record breaking piñata with a variety of booths, vendors, and workshops.

Initial Concepts

Kit Kat is a popular chocolate consumed by the general public. The chocolate bar is a shareable snack and the minis versions makes it that much more easy to share with family and friends. As a team, we wanted to recreate the feeling of joy while eating Kit Kat in its new redesign and have undergone the following:

  • logo and colour exploration while remaining recognizable and matching Kit Kat’s variety of flavours (including milk, dark, strawberry, and matcha),
  • the selling of sustainability through hand-drawn illustrations,
  • and introduction to a new brand character with fun graphics.
Final Rebrand

The new design is a play on Kit Kat’s slogan: “Have a break, have a KitKat” with a new piñata-based brand character. The piñata concept represents how the Kit Kat bars are to be broken and easily shareable, similar to how piñatas are often broken to share candy during parties. Each flavour features a unique illustration of Pinny to incite joy and attract our target audience of kids to young adults.

Package Design Explorations
Final Packaging Design & Life Cycle
Bioplastics are derived from renewable biomass. This includes vegetable fats, oils, starches, wood chips and food waste. The new Kit Kat packaging will be a bioplastic pouch derived from starch-based polymers. Starch is a widely available natural resource and relatively low in cost. It is often a substitute for polystyrene and can be used in food industry products. We will be using potato starch for the new pouch.
New point of purchase displays were design featuring the illustrations and curved structures to promote brand recognition and a friendly image. The use of bright and differentiating colours on the packaging help clearly identify the different flavours while standing out on shelves.
Competitor Research & Marketing Campaign Creative Brief
Final Marketing Campaign