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MediBüddy Virtual Pill Cabinet

by Angela Doan • Candice Ho • Maria Camila Lau
The objective of this project was to create and design a digital medication cabinet for users of all ages and backgrounds. The goal of MediBüddy is to help engage users that may feel distressed when it comes to the topic of medication. MediBüddy is a brand character that ensure users that they are not alone. The goal of it is to make medication taking smoother and less daunting. The colour palette is based off of colours seen in pharmacies to be recognized as an app of the healthcare industry. Custom icons, round terminals, and sans-serif typefaces are used to establish a friendly impression. MediBüddy offers 3 profiles and streamlines a way for caregivers, medical providers, and pharmacies to stay connected and on top of patient care.
Project Proposal
Everyone has had experience with medication and can understand the difficulties that come along with it. Whether it’d be parents, seniors, doctors or nurses, it is important to understand proper health and medicinal practices. This app is intended to be used by the general public to assist with medicinal intake as it is a common concern for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The app is meant to be user friendly and intuitive so even the technologically challenged can use it. The app goal is to assist users in organizing and keeping track of their healthcare with a strong focus on medication. It is a digital blister pack/medicine box. It is different because it connects with your healthcare professionals (pharmacist/doctor) and most trusted people such as family and caregivers. Users can take notes on their experiences and create a personal profile to track their healthcare needs.
This app focuses on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. There is an assumption that most medication users are seniors, and therefore, there’s not a lot of apps available providing solutions for their problems. The most common medication concerns include:
  • When to take medication
  • How to take medication; I.e. when, how many times, external or internal, swallow or chew, with or without food, before or after meals, etc.
  • Side effects; how it will affect them and how to prevent them
  • Medication expiry
  • Dosage; too much or too little
  • How the patient can gauge its effectiveness
  • Interactions with other medications or allergies
These worries are even more concerning when the user is on multiple medications and possibly, prescribed from multiple practitioners. Common users, let alone senior citizens, would be confused as well. Medication management is a problem that is always in need of innovation. Good medication management helps lower the amount of patient readmissions. It also helps prevent other issues from occurring. Good patient practices help to lower the burden on healthcare providers thus saving time and money. The current solutions for this topic include caregivers, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and other apps in the market.
Scheduled reminders for prescription intake
It is estimated that up to 75% of people do not take their medicine properly (Epilepsy Research UK). This feature aims to reduce that number and problem of forgetting to take medication properly and on time. It will offer the following solutions:
  • Upon entering the reminder screen, the app will display how and when to take the medicine properly.
  • It will include a feature to reschedule missed doses, if applicable.
  • The app will have unique notifications that stands out from other apps for priority’s measure.
Chat feature with pharmacists/Connection to healthcare providers/caregivers
Professionals and caregivers may not always be available for assistance. There is the issue with long wait times at clinics, accessibility and busy schedules for caregivers. This chat/connection feature allows users to connect with professionals, family and caregivers to leave messages when needed. It will offer the following solutions:
  • Permissions may be given for connected members to see medication activity/info (I.e. if medication was taken or not taken, need of refills.)
  • Users can partake in conversations with caregivers/pharmacists/doctors on their medicine experience and schedule appointments.
Digital Cabinet
Users may be on multiple medications at a time which makes it difficult to keep track of them all. Caregivers may also have multiple patients to take care of. In order to keep everything organized and to avoid mixing of medication between patients, the app will feature a digital cabinet. It will offer the following solutions:
  • Different profiles may be set up and medication is organized per individuals.
  • Option to note down thoughts about medication.
  • Displays what type of medication it is (I.e. prescriptions, antibiotics, supplements, painkillers, etc.)
  • Input information such as prescriber, date prescribed, date acquired and refills.
  • Expiration and refill reminders.
  • Upon selecting the medication, the user may also choose to view the ingredients and a digital patient information leaflet.

Initial concept map. To see the full and completed interactive mind map on Mind Meister, click here.

Brand Guidelines
Mobile App Prototype